Sandrico Steam Cleaning Services

Sandrico Steam Cleaning Services cleans almost anything for your with steam.

Chairs & Couches

Mobile Vehicle Valets

Eco-Friendly Steam Valets only using 96% Damp 4% Water. We clean the dashboard, cup holders, and carpets. Also, we remove stains from upholstery, as well as deodorize and sanitize the inside of the vehicle.

Furthermore, all valets include a mirror glaze and buff.

Steam clean valet mirror glaze

We can also assist with the steam cleaning of commercial & industrial vehicles.

Industrial vehicle cleaning commercial vehicle cleaning truck wash

Camping Caravan Cleaned and looks brand new.

cleaning caravan
Steam Cleaned Caravan

We do full valets on caravans at your premises. Caravans get steam cleaned inside outside. Mattresses and interior get steam cleaned. All cupboard cleaned with steam. Floor and curtains all will be cleaned with steam.

Caravan Mirror Glazed Front
Caravan Mirror Glazed Front
Caravan Steam clean
Caravan Stream cleaned

Outside: Steamed and washed with Eco-Friendly Soap.  Grease removed from Beadings. Front and back bean polished with mirror Glaze.

Matras cleaned and looks brand new.

cleaning mantras

Dry Steam is used to clean and your is mattress ready to use in 40 minutes

99.99% Bacteria killed during process,

Dust mites ate contributing factor allergens;

Sandrico can help you to get rid of Dust Mites which, lives in mattresses, carpets, curtains, pillows. We clean them all

Tile Cleaning

You may be surprised at the visual and health difference a professional cleaning of tiles, and especially grout cleaning.Tiles cleaned and look brand new.


Oriental Rug  & Carpet Cleaning

(Persian Rugs)- We specialize in the safe and effective cleaning, disinfection and deodorization of sensitive oriental rugs.

Persian Rugs can only be cleaned in a certain direction. Special equipment needed to clean rugs. Sandrico got the correct equipment and well-trained employees.

High-pressure dry steam is blow in at an angle of 45degrees into the carpet. With this process, we remove all dirt from underneath the carpet

Anti-Allergen Services – We offer home and office allergen control, air duct cleaning, carpet cleaning, fabrics and upholstery cleaning and commercial cleaning.

Vapour (steam) cleaning has become a preferred cleaning service for many people with allergies, asthma, and chemical sensitivities. By comparing steam cleaning with the traditional methods of cleaning (chemical cleaners and lots of water) while keeping in mind the reason, WHY clean, it becomes a little easier why steam cleaning is the simpler, healthier, and in the long run, the more cost-effective choice.

Commercial Cleaning

Our commercial cleaning services will leave your building clean and healthy with improved indoor air quality and an environment that is more comfortable, safe and enjoyable for customers, tenants, and employees.

Dirty Kitchen Equipment – Before

Kitchen Equipment after being steam cleaned.

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